1. Save on Taxes.While all entities are subject to federal income tax, Nevada is one of only four states with no corporate income tax. This is a significant savings as Pennsylvania , for example, taxes levies a 12.5{4579d9c9b1a98fb72faa62ef0d72c6a9e78e3f97677083239322dd5febc79970} corporate tax on corporate profits. Additionally, Nevada does not have a franchise tax, succession tax, nor does it assess any tax on corporate shares.
  2. Inexp​ensive.Once you have formed your Nevada entity, which is also a relatively inexpensive process, the annual fees to keep your entity in good standing are very nominal. The current annual fee is only $125.00, plus registered agent fees.
  3. Anonymity of Ownership.Nevada does not require the stockholders to be named in the corporate filings.Additionally, Nevada is one of the only states that does not have a formal information sharing agreement with the Internal Revenue Service. What this means to you is that in general, neither the public, nor the IRS, will know who owns your Nevada entity.
  4. No Residency Requirement.A person need not be a resident of Nevada , or even a citizen of the United States , to form a Nevada entity. However, your Nevada entity must have a registered agent who resides in Nevada .
  5. Protect your personal assets.A properly formed and maintained Nevada entity can effectively protect your personal assets from liabilities of your business entity. What this means to you is that if your business fails, you simply dissolve or bankrupt your Nevada entity and go onto your next venture. You are not personally responsible for the debts of your entity.
  6. No Third Parties Required.It only takes one person to form a Nevada entity and he or she can serve in all of the required corporate positions (i.e. stockholder, director, president and secretary). However, your Nevada entity must have a registered agent who is a full-time resident of Nevada .
  7. Limited Liability for Officers, Directors, Stockholders, Managers and Members.A Nevada entity will protect its officers, directors, stockholders, Managers and/or Members against personal liability arising out of their lawful acts.
  8. No Cash Capitalization Requirement.You do not need to fund your Nevada entity with cash. A Nevada entity can be funded by issuing stock for capital, services, personal or real property and its Directors may determine the value of any of these forms of capital.
  9. No Formal Meeting Requirement.Stockholders, Directors and Officers are not required to hold their meetings in Nevada . In fact, they can hold their meetings telephonically and can even pass resolutions through unanimous written consent if they so choose.
  10. Expeditious.The Secretary of State of Nevada can generally process your corporate paperwork within three (3) weeks.For faster service you can pay an expedite fee and they will process your paperwork within twenty-four (24) hours. These expedite fees vary. Please call us for a list of these expedite fees.