As you may or may not know, you do not have to be a resident of Nevada to incorporate in this state. However, Nevada law does require every Nevada corporation to have a Registered Agent who resides or is located in the State of Nevada. A Registered Agent is someone who is authorized to accept service of process on behalf of your corporation in the unfortunate event that your corporation is sued. The Registered Agent must have a physical street address, not a post office box, at which they can be served. A corporation’s Registered Agent also maintains a copy of the corporation’s Articles of Incorporation, a copy of the corporate bylaws, and a stockholder list.

When you retain Silver State Legal to incorporate your business in Nevada, we would be happy to provide this service for free to your corporation for a one (1) year period. Should you desire to retain Silver State Legal solely for the purpose of serving as the Registered Agent for your corporation, we charge only a nominal fee of $125.00 per year for this valuable service.

We would be happy to serve as the Registered Agent for your Nevada entity for a flat annual fee of $125.00. As your Registered Agent, we will provide the following services:

(1) We will forward your paperwork onto the Secretary of State after accepting the position of Registered Agent for your Nevada entity;

(2) We will return a file-stamped copy of your paperwork to you upon receipt from the Secretary of State;

(3) We will accept of Service of Process and/or Certified Mail served upon your entity;

(4) We will send you a renewal letter each year reminding you when your entities’ renewal fee is due. This letter will be sent approximately two (2) months in advance of your renewal date. This letter will include the Annual List, Annual Meeting Forms and will provide you with detailed instructions on how to renew your entity; and

(5) We will forward your Annual List onto the Secretary of State and return a file-stamped copy to you upon receipt thereof.

To retain our services as Registered Agent, simply forward your completed Articles (required) and Annual List (optional) to our office, together with a check in the appropriate amount made payable to the Secretary of State (usually $100.00, but check with the Secretary of State to confirm this filing fee) and a check in the amount of $125.00 made payable to Silver State Legal for our Registered Agent Services.

If you have any questions with regard to our Registered Agent Services, please feel free to call us directly using the following contact information: