Looking for “aged” or “shelf” corporation? While they cost a bit more, they are well worth the money, as these established companies often have immediate credit.

(1)  Nemesis Group, Inc. was established on August 20, 2008, so it is just over 8 years old.  The entity is in DEFAULT STATUS, but Seller will pay to bring this back into GOOD STANDING as part of the purchase price.  Price is $8,500.00, but Seller is negotiable.

(2)  Wild West Arts Club, Inc. was established on October 19, 1992 and published a bi-annual circular that was sent out to its fan club.  It is in good standing with current tax returns.  Don’t pass up this opportunity to own a 24 year old company with established credit and even a D&B rating.  Price is $24,000.00, but Seller is negotiable.

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